Find below a list of available building sizes

Most price/size combinations are detailed in our pricelist.  If you can’t find a size combination, contact us, we may be able to help.

 Building TypeWidth (external)Length (external)Height (eaves)
Sloping Roof Single Garages8’0 to 14’514’3 to 24’36’6 to 8’0
Sloping Roof Double Garages16’5 to infinite14’3 to 24’36’6 to 8’0
Apex Roof Single Garages8’0 to 14’514’3 to infinite6’6 to 8’0
Apex Roof Double Garages16’5 to 20’514’3 to infinite6’6 to 8’0
Attached Garages7’0 to 12’514’3 to infinite6’6 to 8’0
Sheds & Workshops4’5 to infinite6’3 to infinite6’6 to 8’0

Remember to allow for roof overhangs.

  • Sloping roof buildings – 3″ (75mm) on the width, and 6″ (150mm) on the length
  • Apex roof buildings – 6″ (150mm) on the width, and 3″ (75mm) on the length