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Lean To Garages

Attached or lean to garages offer a unique storage solution for your home.

If space at your property is a premium, or you want to attach a garage to your gable wall for access purposes, then a lean to garage could be the perfect option for you.

In many cases it is possible to build your garage around an existing door in the gable wall, making your lean to garage an extension of your home – great for utility space, washing machines, kids toys, etc.

It is also possible for us to fit an extra wide door in the rear of the building, so you will always have good access to your garden and rear of your property.

The roof structure can be made to fall away from your house wall, or to the rear of the garage building. We can help you decide which is best for your circumstances if you are not sure.

Lean to garages are an affordable solution to quickly add space to your home, and are guaranteed to add value of your property. Contact us if you require more details…

Lean To Garage FAQs

 We get asked a lot of questions about Lean To Garages and we’re always happy to help in person, but for convenience we’ve added a few of the most common Q&As below…

How much do lean to garages cost?

Price depends on several factors such as size & specification, with the median average being around £3000 excluding base work.

What's the cost per square metre including the base work to build a sectional garage?

Cost per square metre can vary considerably just like a house build project.  You have to factor in variables such as building specification and ground preparation, location etc.

However, a general figure to build a prefab garage would be around £300/m2 including base work.

In relation to house building which is considered to come in at a median average of £1800/m2 the build costs for a lean to garage are extremely cost effective.

Source: https://www.mybuilder.com/pricing-guides/architect-costs/new-build-house-costs

How long will a lean-to garage last?

With basic maintenance a lean to garage can last 50+ years, or longer with a upvc fascia option rather than timber.

Do I need planning permission for a lean to garage?

Permitted development rights in the UK allow the building of garden structures to a maximum of 30m2 with a maximum height of 2.5m.  This allows for a good size lean-to garage to be built without the need for planning permission in most cases.

HOWEVER, if a building is attached to your house wall and is over 15m2, you will require building control approval.

Always check with your building supplier, local council or planning portal before undertaking any work.

What type of base do I need for a lean to garage?

You will need a flat and level concrete base of minimum thickness 100mm which should be approximately 150mm wider and longer than the double garage size. 

As you will be concreting right up to your house wall, you should always fit a damp proof membrane under the concrete and up the wall between the house and base.

There may be specific requirements from building control regarding the type of membrane used (such as a gas membrane), so always seek professional advice at this stage from your local building control officer or other professional.

Will a lean to garage add value to my property?

In almost all circumstances yes, and the value increase tends to come in much higher than the cost to build the lean to garage and base-work.

Lean to garages are also very favourable toward property value, as the proximity to your property offers many more use cases, such as utility space, additional home storage etc.

Ask your local estate agent for confirmation.

Tech Specs & Options

All lean to buildings are supplied with the following standard specification…

  • Hormann 2 point locking up & over door (7′ for smaller buildings and 8′ wide for buildings 9’5″ and over)
  • 4′ wide fixed timber window
  • Timber fascias pre-treated in red cedar preservative
  • Steel re-enforced machine vibrated panels for extra strength
  • Securely bolted to wall
  • Delivery & installation by our own fully qualified and insured fitting teams
There are many window and door options that you can choose to personalise your building.  See the different styles of up & over doors, personnel doors, and windows below…

PVCu fascias are probably the most requested option within our range. Fantastic option in terms of looks, durability, and of coarse, maintenance free. We offer two types of guttering to match the style of sectional building. Traditional black half-round guttering which is designed for standard timber fascias, and the more modern white square box-section guttering for our PVCu fascias.

We offer various roof sheets to enhance the look of your building. If you have a specific requirement let us know and we’ll discuss the options with you.

We offer two distinctive colours of real brick fronts, red, and buff. These really are true bricks cut through the middle and set into moulds. This means fast installation and no mess at your property. An awesome addition to your garage!
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Elite Pack Upgrade

Do you like the options on the previous tabs but don't know where to start?  We've got you covered...

The Elite Pack contains the best of all our options at a discounted price making your building look awesome whilst also ensuring it is maintenance free.  See full details on the Elite Garages page

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