Concrete Garage Prices

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What to expect from our concrete garage prices…

Download our price list in PDF format to get a good feel for the cost of our buildings, delivered, installed and including VAT – we also offer concrete bases and old garage removal should you need it – just get in touch for a competitive quote.

We appreciate it can be a little daunting to cost out the price for your concrete garage project, especially when you start adding options. For example it can sometimes be cheaper to choose an Elite Garage with all the ‘bells and whistles’, than add several individual options which may cost more yet give you less spec overall!

That’s why we’re always happy to offer a quote by email or phone. We’ll find you the best options for your requirements, at the best price possible.

If you’d like a quote you can call us on 01274 214 203 in office hours, or email us any time at