Planning your Sectional Building – The Basics

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A brief guide taken and rewritten from the DirectGovUK Website


It’s best to let your closest neighbours know about any work you intend to carry out at your home. They will probably be concerned about work which may affect them as you would be about changes which your neighbour may do that could affect your property. Even if what you want to do does not require planning consent, it is better to inform them of your intentions as there is no point in upsetting neighbours if a slight compromise could be agreed that would keep them happy.


Plan carefully how your property will look after the work is finished. Tastes vary and different styles will suit different property. Nevertheless, a well-designed sectional building is likely to be much more attractive to you and to your neighbours, it is also likely to add value to your house when you sell it.

Crime prevention

Carrying out alterations and additions to your house may make you more or less vulnerable to crime.

A building attached to your house for example could offer access to upstairs windows. Make sure your home is secure and take some precautions such as installing security locks to those windows. The crime prevention officer at your local police station can provide helpful advice on ways of reducing the risk.


Light itself, and other domestic light fittings, are not subject to planning controls. However, if you are planning to install external lighting for security or other purposes, you should ensure that the light does not disturb others.

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