How much does it cost to build a double garage?

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A double garage offers a durable, secure, and practical space for vehicles, storage, or even a workshop. However, embarking on the construction of such a structure necessitates a thorough understanding of the associated costs. In this article, we will break down the various components of building a concrete double garage, from ground preparation and base slab installation to the construction of the double garage itself.

Ground Preparation and Excavation

The first step in building a double garage is preparing the ground. This process may involve excavation, especially if the site is uneven or requires the removal of existing structures. The cost of excavation and ground preparation will depend on the complexity of the work and the size of the buiding. It is crucial to ensure that the ground is adequately prepared to provide a stable foundation for the garage.

Base Slab Installation

A solid and level base slab is essential for the stability and longevity of a double garage, whether made from concrete, timber, brick or stone. The base slab must be constructed using high-quality C30 grade concrete as a minimum to withstand the weight of the garage and its contents. The cost of the base slab will depend on the size of the garage and the thickness of the concrete used. Additionally, the cost of labour and any necessary reinforcement materials will also contribute to the overall expense.

Double Garage Construction

The walls of a double garage can be constructed using concrete blocks, bricks, timber or pre-fabricated concrete panels. Concrete block and brick may offer more flexibility in design but will also entail higher labour costs. Pre-fabricated concrete panels provide a quicker and potentially more cost-effective solution. The cost of the concrete walls will include the materials, labour, and any additional structural reinforcement needed.

Roof Type

The type of roof chosen for the concrete double garage will impact the overall cost. A flat roof may be less expensive but might not offer the same aesthetic appeal or durability as a pitched or apex roof. The cost of the roof will vary dependant on the materials used. Cement fibre and corrugatd steel are most popular and cost less than tile effect sheets, while real tile or slate will cost the most.

Doors and Windows

The type and number of doors and windows installed in the double garage will also contribute to the overall cost. A standard up-and-over garage door may be a cost-effective option, while an electric roller door offers convenience at a higher price point. Windows can add natural light to the space, but will also add to the overall cost.

Finishing and Additional Features

The final cost to consider is any finishing touches or additional features for the double garage. This may include brick fronts, uPVC fascias and other options, plus electrical wiring, lighting, insulation, or shelving. The cost of these features will depend on the complexity of the installation and the materials used.


Building a concrete double garage is a substantial investment, with various factors influencing the overall cost. From ground preparation and base slab installation to wall construction and roof installation, each component contributes to the final expense.

Additionally, the cost of doors, windows, and any additional features or finishing touches must be considered. By understanding the costs associated with each stage of the construction process, you can make informed decisions to ensure your double garage meets your needs and budget.

Ultimately, the best way to know the price to build a double garage is to request a quote from a garage builder.

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