Garage Base Calculator

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Garage Base Calculator

Creates an *estimate* of typical concrete base laying costs including concrete, shuttering and labour at £7.00/square foot, but not including any significant digging out or skip costs etc…

You can adjust the cost per square foot, so if you know what your builders typical rate is to lay concrete (you can ask them), then you can estimate prices for different size bases.  *NOTE: Always gain a written quotation before settling on any given size.

garage base calculator

Are you wondering what a concrete base might cost for a sectional building?

We get asked this question a lot, so we’ve created a tool (also known as a “garage base calculator”) that lets you play around with different sizes to help you get an indication of garage base costs.

The prices shown are based on a UK average of typical builder charges for laying concrete including labour and materials.  VAT will depend on whether or not the builder is VAT registered.  The garage base calculator can calculate costs within a range of £5 – £12 per square foot of concrete laid at 4″ thick (100mm), which is typical for different areas around the UK.

Please note – these are NOT quoted prices as there are many factors that can influence the cost of laying concrete, such as…

  • Access to site
  • Removal of ground material
  • The amount of preparation required before the concrete is poured
  • The locality of the builder to the job site

However, if you just want to get a ball-park figure, this tool will help…

If you want a firm quote, we recommend you contact a local builder who should come to your job site, and prepare a written quote detailing what work will be carried out, when payments are due, how long the quote is valid, etc…

DO NOT go ahead with building work based on a verbal agreement with any builder – Always insist on a detailed written quotation which any reputable builder should provide without question.

We have an article discussing how to select a good builder HERE or we can recommend builders in many parts of the country that we have used ourselves, who have proved to offer a good job at reasonable rates.

Contact us if you’d like more information, and if you’d like a price for a sectional building, you can download a price list, or get a quote HERE on our price page

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