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We were fortunate enough to supply a building to Mr Ritchie, who kindly agreed to answer a few ‘survey’ questions regarding the service he received.  Here’s the result…

Survey with Mr Alan Ritchie

22’3 x 12’5 Apex Concrete Garage – delivered February 2010

Q.1 Why did you decided to buy your garage online?

I was able to research the market more thoroughly via the internet and compare quality and prices from throughout England.


Q.2 Presumably you looked around at other concrete garages online, but why did you choose Nucrete as your garage supplier?

From the pictures and testimonials provided by Nucrete I was able to reassure myself that they manufactured a quality product at an affordable price. The finished product looked like it would fit in well in my back garden, and I was not disappointed!


Q.3 What reservations, if any, did you have dealing with an ‘online’ company, and did we meet any concerns or reservations you may have had fully?

I had no reservations as I found Nucrete very good to work with from the very first point of contact. All my questions were answered in an efficient and business like way.


Q.4 Were you pressured by our sales team at all?

No pressure was put on me to buy their product, as far as I was concerned their products sold themselves!!


Q.5 What (if anything) didn’t you like about us or our service, and what do you think we could do to improve overall?

I have no suggestions for improvement


Q.6 What was our installation service like?

I was very happy with the installation service. The work was carried out in an efficient and professional manner.


Q.7 Would you use us again, and/or recommend us to your friends or family?

Yes, I would certainly use Nucrete again and I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to my family and friends.


Q.8 Summary

  1. Sales Office Support: Excellent
  2. Friendliness of Staff: Excellent
  3. Quality of Building: Excellent
  4. Installation: Excellent
  5. Overall Service: Excellent


Q.9 Add any final comments that you feel may benefit others thinking about buying a sectional building from us here at Nucrete Online.

From my very first contact with Nucrete I found them to be both professional and helpful when it came to buying a 22’3″ x 12’5″ Apex garage. I have every confidence in their product and the service they provided, and cannot fault the final product as it stands in my garden, thank you.

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