Choosing a Builder for Base Laying

by Mar 12, 2007General

Choosing the Right Builder for your concrete garage base

Most people who are buying sectional buildings are also faced with the task of base laying.

Whilst some people will actually do this themselves, most of us will hire the services of a professional builder.

The majority of builders are totally legitimate and will always offer a good job at a fair price, but there are always a few that will not.

To make sure you are not caught out when hiring a builder, here are 7 ‘MUST DO’ industry secrets you should follow…

  1. Always obtain two or three quotes for price comparison purposes, and confirm in writing that the prices obtained are fully inclusive of all labour charges, materials, skips, and VAT. Be clear that you know exactly what you are getting for your money.
  2. Choose a builder who is genuinely interested in your requirements. You will get a ‘gut’ feeling for the best builder for the job. He may or may not be the cheapest quoted price that you receive.
  3. Obtain quotes from builders who advertise in the classified section of your local ‘free-sheet’ newspaper. These will NEARLY ALWAYS be CHEAPER than builders who you find in the yellow pages. A builder who advertises in an annual publication could have too much work when you call, and will quote an INFLATED price because he is not in need of your job. A builder advertising in a weekly newspaper will generally ‘pull’ his advertising if he is too busy to take on more work.
  4. Always ask the builder what his payment terms are before you accept any quote. You should never pay more than 15 – 20 percent deposit with the final payment due on completion. Never pay for the whole job up front, and be wary if you are asked!
  5. You must explain to the builder exactly what the job entails. If you’re not sure, ask your garage supplier to speak with your builder to ensure the specification is exactly correct.
  6. Remember builders are not the best time keepers! Always allow enough time before your garage is to be delivered for the builder to be late by a few days, or to allow for bad weather, and for the concrete to cure.
  7. If you need a ramp concreting on the front of the base, or a mortar fillet applied after installation of the building, make sure the builder is aware of this and adds it in writing to his quote.

Following these simple steps will ensure your relationship with your chosen builder goes smoothly from start to finish, every time.

Nucrete are always on hand to help with any questions you may have regarding your base, dealing with builders, or anything else relating to concrete garages and sectional buildings, and we will always liaise with you or your builder with any technical issues you may have.

Please feel free to contact us any time with any questions you may have about base laying, or other sectional building issues – 0800 849 9036.

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