Can I Build a Garage Without Building Regulations?

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Building a garage is a great addition to any property, providing valuable space for storage, workshops, or protecting vehicles from the elements.

However, in the UK, building regulations play a crucial role in ensuring that construction projects meet certain safety and quality standards. Therefore, it is essential to understand whether you can build a garage without adhering to these regulations.

The UK Building Regulations apply to most construction projects, including concrete garages above 15sqm in size. These regulations cover various aspects such as structural stability, fire safety, insulation, ventilation, and accessibility. Failing to comply with these rules can result in penalties, fines, or even an order to demolish the non-compliant structure.

Generally speaking, a structure less than 15sqm does not need to adhere to any building regulations, but buildings greater than 15sqm do. This does not necessarily mean you have to apply for building control inspection, provided you remain within the permitted development guidelines – you simply have to follow the building control rules to remain within the law – self governing so to speak.

Let’s take a look at the factors that allow for self-governed building control:

  1. Size: If the garage is less than 30sqm, you may build under permitted development rights without building control intervention.
  2. Detached Structure: If the garage is entirely detached from the main property and does not share any common walls.
  3. Non-combustible materials: The structure should be built from ‘predominantly’ non-combustible materials such as concrete, brick or blockwork, and not a combustible material such as timber if the structure is to be sited within 2 metres of any boundary, fence line, hedge etc.
  4. The structure should be built to a minimum standard that is able to withstand the rigours of the weather and not become dangerous to those around it.
  5. Agricultural or Horticultural Buildings: If the garage is intended for agricultural or horticultural purposes and meets certain criteria, it might be exempt from building regulations. Specific rules apply to these types of structures, and seeking professional advice is essential.

Regardless of the exemptions, it’s essential to remember that constructing a garage without adhering to these minimum standards can be risky. Non-compliant structures might not be covered by insurance, may cause safety hazards, and could lead to potential disputes with neighbours or local authorities.

To avoid these issues, it is best to seek advice from your local planning authority or a qualified building control inspector before commencing any self-build construction, or buy a prefabricated structure from a reputable source that meets the requirements to ensure your garage is built safely and legally.

In conclusion, building a garage without following UK building regulations is generally not advisable or legal for any structure greater than 15sqm. It is crucial to seek professional advice and adhere to safety standards to avoid potential problems down the line if you are self-building.

If you are looking to purchase a concrete sectional garage from Nucrete, you can rest assured we meet or exceed all requirements of the regulations to ensure a successful and compliant construction project that will add value to your property and meets all building regulation standards.

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