Brick Garden Rooms

  • Brick Slips or Panels
  • 100% Maintenance Free
  • Pent or Apex Roof Designs
  • UPVC Windows
  • Choice Of Patio Or French Doors
  • Custom Built To Your Specification
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Garden Rooms

Quality garden rooms have gained popularity in recent years with use cases ranging from home office to entertaining spaces such as bars and games rooms.

Majority of garden rooms are built from timber which look good, but have obvious inherent drawbacks with maintenance. Positioning can also pose a problem for structures above 15m2 as building regulations require the use of non-combustible materials if positioned within 1 metre of any boundary.

So why not build a garden room from brick rather than timber..? Brick lasts a lifetime, looks great, and requires little to no maintenance…

The simple answer is cost. Builders generally quote the same for brick garden rooms as they would to build a home extension, with prices falling between £1500 – £2000 per square metre, making it generally too expensive to be considered as a viable alternative to timber.

A new era in brick built garden rooms has arrived…

With decades of experience in the garden building industry, we looked at ways to fix the cost problem associated with building brick garden rooms by developing more efficient build methods to decrease costs.

We designed a brick garden building range that not only looks modern and contemporary, but can beat many builders’ quotes by 50% without any loss of standards or quality.


We’ve done this by drawing on our experience in offsite production. We prefabricate our own custom roofing parts & fittings, similar to methods used by German house builders, speeding up assembly on site. This not only improves the build time, but streamlines the whole build process to make the final cost much cheaper.

Benefits of brick garden rooms over timber…

If this has got you thinking about buying brick over timber, here’s some of the key benefits that brick garden rooms can offer…

Price comparison

You’ll be surprised to see that a brick garden room built by us will cost less than its timber counterpart. Based on a typical sized project, this is what we found… (online prices – source available on request)

Bare Bones Brick Garden Room (with DIY completion)Turnkey Brick Garden RoomTimber Garden Room
Building structure10,33922,20425,296
Foundations and basework1950incinc
Electrics 886incinc
TOTAL (inc VAT)£15,757£22,204£25,296

While most timber garden rooms are priced inclusive of electrics and plasterboarding, our brick buildings are supplied as an externally finished structure or a turnkey build.

This gives you the freedom to decide how far you want to take the building. You may decide to leave it as it is, which is perfectly acceptable as we point-up all internal & external brickwork, or you might want to add electrics and internal finishes aftermarket.

Either way, we’ve broken down the finishing costs in the table above so you can see what typical like for like costs between brick and timber might be. Local electricians, plasterers and decorators are readily sourced at

Fancy a virtual site survey?

Our virtual survey was developed during the Covid lockdown period, and has been proven as effective as a visit to your property.

We appreciate it’s not quite as personal as a home visit, but it is just as accurate and saves significantly on our costs which we ultimately pass on to you.

It consists of a simple form that we ask you to complete about the site, together with a few photographs – and with the help of Google Earth we can accurately survey your property.

We can see everything we need in order to make sure the build will go to plan, and from that give you a guaranteed fixed quotation.

We are so confident with our virtual survey process, we offer a 100% money back guarantee if for any reason we cannot complete our work on budget.

Plan early…

It goes without saying, a bespoke garden room is not an ‘off the shelf’ product, and cannot be delivered in a week or two.

Currently, building materials (specifically bricks) are in high demand with a lead time of between 12 to 16 weeks throughout most parts of the country.

For this reason alone, make sure you plan early when you decide on a garden room as it will take some time to get everything organised and materials delivered.

If you decide to go ahead, we have a simple order process to make the whole experience a pleasurable one. Once you’re happy with a final quote, a £500 deposit secures the order with three staged payments throughout the build.

Detailed plans are drawn up so you know exactly what you’re getting and a build date will be issued. Then sit back and relax, we’ll take care of the rest.

Tech Specs & Options

brick garden rooms

All brick garden rooms are supplied with the following standard specification…

  • Professionally built single brick walls with a choice of brick colours
  • Internal piers in all corners and long wall sections for strength and durability
  • White uPVC fascias & gutters
  • 18mm OSB boards over custom engineered roof trusses
  • Bonded EPDM rubber roofing membrane with 20 years manufacturers guarantee
  • Quality uPVC white french or sliding patio door
  • Installation by our own fully qualified and insured building teams

Many styles of windows and doors available.

We can custom build the look of your building with door and window options. Let us know if you have any special preferences.

Coloured uPVC fascias & gutters…

White ultra modern styling with a contemporary overhang to the front. Available in Anthracite Grey & Black as an upgrade. Fantastic in terms of looks, durability and of course, maintenance free. Guttering to rear to match the colour of the fascias.

EPDM roofing membrane

EPDM rubber is the premium product for flat roofs on all domestic property types. Our rubber roofs are always cut from one piece* with no joints for a long, leak free life span. (*max size 15.25m x 30.5m)

Brick colours & styles

We offer three distinctive colours of brick as standard, red, buff, and blue. We can build the structure in any other brick style and colour to colour match your property as an optional extra if you desire. Please note, bricks are sourced locally throughout the UK – exact colour and styles may differ from those below.

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Premium options and customisation

Our buildings truly are bespoke, so if you have specific needs, just ask.

We can offer any number of door and window options and will tailor a quote to your requirements.

Very popular at the moment is the upgrade to Anthracite grey or black fascias, doors & windows which look stunning against a buff brick facade.

Need Help?

To order a brick garden room, or just to ask for some help and advice, contact us below, download a price list, or request a virtual survey here…

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