Beautifying a concrete garage!

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nice concrete shed

How to make a concrete garage look great in your garden!

A factor for many people who are in the decision making process of buying concrete garages, workshops, or sheds for their home is how the building will fit in with its surroundings, and it is worthy of some serious consideration before deciding on exact location, style and size of building. 

Not only should you consider the effect it could have on your own property, but also that of your neighbours around you. If in doubt, consider advising your neighbours of your intention to erect your building, and just ensure it is not too close to their windows or doors. Look around neighbouring properties and see what others have done and what has been deemed to be acceptable in your area.

Your local planning officer or garage supplier can also help with location as there are guidelines you must adhere to when selecting the position of your building, although most sectional buildings do not require planning consent to be erected. Contact the planning office if unsure.

With the consideration of your neighbours and the relevant planning laws, it’s now just a matter of ‘beautifying’ your building!

This is best met with softening the hard lines of the building as you would with any hard landscaping features, i.e. walls and fences etc. This can easily be accomplished as the structure of a sectional building makes for an excellent ‘frame’ for trellis, climbing plants, bird boxes, outdoor lights, and hanging baskets etc.

In fact, most good looking gardens are often those which have incorporated some or all of these features on and around their out-buildings.

Don’t forget a few strategically placed pot plants around the edges of your building can also soften edges and add colour too.

View many of the photographs displayed throughout this website to get a good feel of how easy it is to make a concrete sectional building look great in your garden too!

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