About Nucrete

Learn a little about Nucrete to help you make an informed desision about buying one of our sectional buildings.

We’ll make sure you have a pleasant experience every step of the way…  That’s what our previous customers say!

What We Do

Manufacture Sectional Buildings

For over 40 years and three generations of the same family.

Install Everything Ourselves

We use our own experienced teams to install all our buildings


Offer Great Service

We pride ourselves on providing the best service in the industry

The History of Nucrete & Our Sectional Buildings

Nucrete were around in the day when timber and asbestos was the new and exciting way to build a garage, and we were literally working out of our own back yard to produce such buildings… How things move on. Today, asbestos is a thing of the past, and our back yard has been replaced with custom built workshop and office facilities of 10,000+ square feet. Our team are highly skilled, and have developed qualities over the years that account for the high standard of workmanship that is attained with our buildings, which gives us the confidence to offer you an industry leading 10 Year Guarantee.
Our focus is very much to stay in touch with our customers needs and requirements, and be flexible where others cannot or will not be. We have the ability to listen to your needs and offer solutions to problems that you may have thought impossible.
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The Future

We are very price conscious in the current economic climate and have adapted with the times to offer better prices without jeapardy to quality or service. In fact, quality and service has improved and our manufacturing costs have reduced due to investment in staff training, and modern efficient machinery.

Dedicated Online Sales Team

Our company are one of the very few to have a dedicated online sales team with excess of 30 years combined experience to support you with any help and advice as you need to know it, (we’re really quick at answering email too!)

We are also at the end of a direct dial free-phone line straight through to pre-sales support – no waiting, no queues – 0800 849 9036. If for some reason we can’t get your call, we will get straight back to you.

If you decide to order, we also assign you with your very own dedicated project manager who will stay with you every step of the way, through delivery, installation and until your building is completed to your entire satisfaction, that means you will only ever deal with one person who will be attentive to your specific requirements. No one else goes this far with customer care and satisfaction in the UK sectional building market, guaranteed!

In Closing

We know your concrete garage is a major purchase, and that is why we leave nothing to chance. we have a fantastically simple order process that will ensure your sectional building purchase will go exactly to plan, so if you’re ready to order, or simply need some help and advice contact Nucrete Online today – 0800 849 9036, or email us below.

What Matters To Us


Quality Products

We’ve been building concrete garages and and other sectional buildings long enough to know what’s right and will stand the test of time.  That’s what we do.  


Super Customer Service

We like to treat people the way we like to be treated ourselves, and we instill this into all team members from manufacturing to customer service representitives.


Happy Customers

Quality Products + Super Customer Service = Happy customers.  That’s the simple formula we base our business model on.

If you decide to go with us we’ll make sure you get the same treatment.  Without you, we have no business so your satisfaction is our priority.

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Years Established

Buildings Installed Per Annum

Hi Sharon

Just to say thank you so much for arranging our new garage. I am so pleased with it! Couldn’t believe how fast it went up, and the installers were a credit to the company. It looks fabulous and everything is good quality. Very happy. (Pic attached)



Mike Bowler

Barrow In Furness


Nucrete Ltd, Unit 3, QF Industrial Estate, Lower Lane, Bradford, BD4 8QW